Your friendly Digital Fundraising Platform

Donor management & analytics

Donor management

Create and manage contacts, see their donation history and spot opportunities to engage again. Both individuals and companies or organisations are supported. New contacts are automatically created from donations and newsletter signups.

Data analytics

Insights into your donor segments help you and your team understand how you acquire and engage donors over time. Your donor analytics will give you the foundation from which you can understand and build better relationships with your donors.


Realtime communication and automated follow-ups allow you to make meaningful connections with the right donors at the right time. The way it should be.


Donation Box

A simple tool to directly receive donations on your website. The box can be styled and edited in Donorflow and integrated on your site by pasting a line of code. One-time givers and monthly supporters are supported.


Integrate a lead generating form, like a newsletter signup, on your site. The contact data is automatically imported into your donor list.

Integrations & APIs


Connect your Swish account with Donorflow to offer Swish as a payment option. You can also create unique Swish links for social media campaigns to provide a smooth donation experience.


See your latest orders and customers in one place. Our WooCommerce connection will allow you to add new customers to your donor management system and how existing donors shop in your store.


Connect your Squarespace store to Donorflow and add new customers to your existing Donor list.


Our Mailchimp integration allows you to automatically add new donors to your existing Mailchimp lists and campaigns.


In order to receive donations through a Donation Box you need to have a Stripe account. Stripe handles the credit card payment at a low cost.